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Carseat Canopy-Multi Use Cover for Nursing, Car Seat, Shopping Cart and Stroller- Protect against germs, easy to use stretchy material doubles as a scarf- Designs for baby boys and girls 

Stretchy and Trendy

Carseat Canopy is a Multi-Use Nursing cover to work in any situation that you meet in your daily family needs such as:

Nursing Cover

Complete privacy while nursing anytime, anywhere, both mom and baby can enjoy nursing in public!

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Baby Stroller Cover

The harmful rays of sun can damage your babies skin, protect your baby and shelter from the sun.

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Infinity Scarf

The modern and stylish design makes it trendy.

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High Chair Cover

Mommy and baby will be completely comfortable in our soft, lightweight, breathable and stretchy material.

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Car Seat Cover

Machine washable and no need to iron, lightweight to carry easy for the mommy.

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Our Story

Hi. My name is Tina and I am a Mum. Being a Mum has been the best thing that has ever happened to me and like all mothers I want to love and protect my children.

My first child was born in Vietnam, where I  was born and raised. I used to nurse him openly in public as in Vietnam this is the norm. My second child was born in England and this is where the difference in Nursing became very apparent. At first, I tried to continue as I had in Vietnam with my first child but almost immediately I was getting funny looks and rude comments so I realized I had to do something about it.

My husband bought me a cover which was good at covering up whilst I fed but the fit was poor, the material cheap, ugly and heavy. It could not pack up small and it was difficult to use. I used to work as a seamstress, so it was easy for me to start sewing designs and ideas together. After many attempts, I created a great cover shape that fitted well. I was now able to go anywhere with my little baby daughter and not worry about having to nurse in public anymore.

I love being outside with my kids and we would often be seen at the beach or in the countryside but as I pushed them in the Stroller I was worried about insects that could bite them, or sand that blew in their eyes. Then I had an idea! Why not use my breastfeeding cover to protect them too? I tried to fit the cover over the stroller but it would not fit…Time to try new materials and by finding a new material that had a fantastic stretching ability the Nursing Cover could be used for many uses. I would fit my Nursing Cover to the Shopping Cart when I went shopping to protect my baby from germs, when it was sleep time I had the cover I needed it almost seemed that there was no end to the uses and one day I even wore it as scarf.

My Carseat Canopy design is now available to you and I hope that you enjoy the freedom it brings. Carseat Canopy allows you to go anywhere and do anything with your little loved one while knowing that you are protecting them too. This gives me great joy.

Please feel free to leave us a message and tell us how you enjoyed using Joint Perfect Nursing Cover.

Warm Regards,

Tina Clayton

One size that fits all, more than just a Nursing Cover!

Our Joint Perfect Multi-Use Carseat Canopy is made from high quality blend of Polyester, Cotton and Elastane, allowing it to stretch, and making it super easy to use no matter where you are.


To fit the Joint Perfect Multi Use Cover to a Car Seat simply hold the wider ends of the cover and starting from the top of the car seat pull firmly down allowing the material to stretch over the car seat.


To use the Joint Perfect Cover on your stroller start by fitting one side of the wider end at the top of the stroller. Then gradually work the cover forwards and down until the open area of the Stroller is covered.


The most popular use of the Joint Perfect Cover is for feeding your baby in Privacy and a Calm environment. To do this Simply slip the cover over your neck as if pulling on a sweater and cover the baby as required.


For bacteria Protection from Shopping Carts we suggest you firstly turn your Joint Perfect Cover inside out.


“I just wish I had found this product earlier. I had tried other covers but this one fits so nicely, feels soft and comfy. I am very Happy.”

“The freedom this little cover gave me was great. I can happily take my baby anywhere and not worry about germs or bugs or anything. Thank you Joint Perfect.”

“I received my Joint Perfect Feeding Cover as a gift from a friend and I love it “

“This cover does exactly what it says it does. Its so easy to use and my son feeds so well under it, free from distractions that I often use it at home too.”

Get it now today before we run out of stock!

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